What is Your Path?


Are you on a path?  I guarantee you are, you may have just not recognized it yet.  But if you want to become a master in your life, you must be on a path and recognize it.

How can you determine you path?

  1. Look at the books on your bookshelf.  Is there a recurring theme?  For me there were two kinds of books.  I have dog/horse training books and leadership/personal development books.  I am fascinated by what makes humans tick and passionate about the connection between animals and humans.
  2. Think about your interests when you were a child.  Did you have a hobby that you lived, ate and slept with?  I started riding horses when I was 6 years old and until about 23 I literally did live, eat, and sleep horses.  I still love them and they tug at my heartstrings although I do not have any.  What were you passionately interested in when you were young?
  3. Do you have passions/hobbies today that may be different from your childhood, but if you dig deep enough you will find a connection?  I studied animal behaviors as a child and then studied human behaviors in college and afterward.  I realized that my passion lies in the human communication of success.  While it is not about dogs and horses, I realized that what I learned about non-verbal communication with the animals has made me unique in my field as I see people more from what they don’t say than what they do.  How does your current interest/hobby reflect what you loved as a kid?
  4. What do you find yourself becoming overly excited when speaking about?  I have two things – dog training and behavioral assessments.  I love talking about dog training because dog training is rarely needed for the dog.  It is most often needed for the owner(s).  It is all about how the owner behaves and how the dog doesn’t understand the owner’s behaviors.  In behavioral assessments,  I love helping people see themselves for who they are and own up to it, as quirky as they may be.  An assessment really helped me see how differently I show up than about 90% of the people I worked with.  It always made me feel bad about myself because I was unable to honor myself but instead tried to be like everyone else.  You may have heard me say before, I spent 20 years in the principal’s office.  There was no principal or principal’s office but it seemed I was always in trouble for speaking my mind, even though I was really good at my job.  So what do you find yourself getting excited about when you meet up with others?  You can feel your passion in yourself if you stop to recognize it.

Try these four steps to help you determine your purpose.

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