Likability = Profitability





How many times have you heard that people buy from people know and like?

Years ago when I worked in sales for a company I always asked people who bought from me why they bought from me.

Everyone of them said they bought because of me.

I sold a product that had 5,000 companies in competition with us.

I did most of my work on the phone so I wasn”t even visible to them. ¬†People like people who make them feel good, successful, and likable.

They”ve found that those who complement others are likable. See how simple that can be?

If you have dealt with the phone company or the cable company recently they have all been trained in making you feel liked and important to them.

Quite a shift from years ago. But… they could still use work ūüėČ

We like people who complement us.  But we also like people who are like us.

It”s also a known factor for people to want to get along with each other. ¬†We profess to want diversity, and in some cases it works okay, but in reality we are more likely to go toward those who we feel similar to.

We assume they will understand us and we will understand them.

The last is those who cooperate with us.

When someone takes the time to go along with us, it makes us feel acknowledged and that makes us like them. ¬†We may consider those who don”t cooperate to be disagreeable.

To be persuasive, you are going to have to find a way to get those prospects to like you.  They have to like you, and you them for anything to move forward.

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