What Story Do You Tell That Holds You Back?

You consider yourself a strong person but there’s that one thing that grabs you and throws you totally off course.  You know what I’m talking about.  As strong as you are, this things grabs you and puts the death grip on you.

For me it is escalators.  It is a bit related to fear of heights but escalators happen more frequently in my life anyway.  I have been known to know of every elevator in every town I have lived in.

As a matter of fact, I have been stranded on an elevator for hours.  I have been in an elevator that fell 5 floors.  I have been in elevators where the doors won’t open and they just continue to go up and down like they are letting passengers on and off.  I have no fear of elevators.

Escalators are a different story.  Yes, we all have our stories and we love them and hold onto them for dear life.  Most stories that we tell are not the truth.  How can you say that?  I am telling it JUST like it happened!

The problem with that theory is that once you go through the event, you are forever changed and you cannot go through that life event with the same eyes.  But we hold on to the story for dear life.  It justifies our fears.  It gives us an ‘out.’

So my story goes like this…when I was very little, I was in a store with my mother, my brother who is 6 years older, and my sister who is 4 years older than me.  My brother was playing on the escalator, running up the down and down the up.  My sister decided to follow the hand belt and her hand went into the machinery.  She, of course, started screaming.  My mother and all the store personnel came running, everyone in a panic.  There was little me standing off to the side, taking in all the fear of the adults.  My sister was ok but they had to turn off the escalator and what ever else to free her.

Flash forward thirty or so years.  My sister and I went to a department store with her toddler, in a stroller.  No problem with the up escalator as we both got on and went up.  Sometime later, we had to come down.  I remember both of us heading for the elevator and when we arrived there was a sign stating that the elevator was out of order.  We walked over to the escalator discussing who would take the kid and who would take the stroller.  When we finally got on that escalator I remember looking back and there was a line of about 20 people who had amassed at the top waiting for us to get on.  They didn’t look too happy.

Until that moment, I did not realize that my sister had the same fear as I had.

What if we changed our first story to be talking about the successes of that day instead of the awful things that could have happened?

So what’s your story?  Are you telling one that keeps you in fear?

The fear story will hold you back in more ways than not.  Just like me telling you that I know where every elevator is.  I have worked on my fear – classes, hypnotherapy, and desensitization.  Hypnotherapy works.  NLP works.

What if you could change your story?  You can.  I did.

What have you done to overcome a fear?

Stay tuned!

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PS This elevator ride might freak me out!!

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