What Floats Your Boat?

There’s an expression “What Floats Your Boat” that is asking what makes you happy, what do you like to do that motivates you for other things.  Many people do not get enjoyment out of their work and therefore fill their weekends full of things that they enjoy to make up for it.


Many people today are working longer days, but shorter weeks so they have an extra day to play.  But I think most people are also stressing themselves out over trying to have fun.  I mean they have to be skydiving or mountain climbing or taking big risks.


What if you focused once in a while on things that make you happy that you just spend a few minutes on.  Something to breakup your day.  I like taking pictures of beautiful nature scenes.  Sunsets seem to be my most frequent topic.  I do like sunrises too but mornings, not so much!

Every night I look outside to see if it looks like there might be a sunset.  In a way it is a pattern interrupt.  A pattern interrupt is something that interrupts your brain to change its course.  We get stuck going down a path one way and we never turn around to look in the other direction.

I interrupt my thinking, take a break, get my body moving and then I take some pictures.  It’s a simple way to get some positive energy, clear my thoughts and take time to float my boat with something that I enjoy.  It’s just a few minutes but very powerful.

What would you do?  Are you zoned out on TV at night and then you get up to go to bed and have no energy but you are not tired?  Maybe you could try something simple to break up your day, or evening.  Some people go for a walk, some like to bake something, some will draw or paint.

Being creative is probably the best release.  It reaches a different place in your brain.

Nature is so relaxing for me, I love to watch the ocean and the skies for the best shots.  What is relaxing for you?

I do mention often that your environment is a real killer to motivation and energy if it is the wrong environment.  The environment entails many pieces and many layers.  Are you happy at someplace in your environment?

Is your office or home enticing to you?  Does it help you relax or cause you stress?  This is very personal.  This is why you may have heard of man caves in the last decade or so.  Man caves give a man a place to get away from things that he can ‘own’.  Many women decorate their homes and the men feel out of place and never relax fully.  The man cave is the perfect example of having an environment conducive to you and what floats your boat!

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