Top 3 Reasons You May Leave Your Job




People leave jobs every day.  Some do it voluntarily, if they are lucky, and some involuntarily.

Imagine right now that you are saying to your boss “I quit!”  Do you already have your resignation letter typed out?  How does that make you feel?  Are you elated?  Are you packing your office plant?  Or…are you scared out of your freaking mind at the thought?  Are you ready?


1st Reason – People leave because they find a new job somewhere else.  This is mostly a good thing but it can be bad if you leave carrying the same baggage you came on board with, or with baggage you bought while you were there.  What does that mean?  If you haven’t fixed the problems that made you dissatisfied where you are, then you will take that with you.  You may then create the same environment you left at the new office.  Just having a new office and new faces will fix some things but usually not all.

2nd Reason – People leave because they got fired, and maybe we will lump layoffs in here as well.  Sometimes layoffs are the managers way of getting rid of employees they are too weak to fire.  Getting fired is no longer the death sentence it used to be.  Getting fired can be a good thing.  I got fired once and when they told me, I stood up, shook their hand, and almost shouted “Thank you so much!”  I couldn’t seem to get out of their on my own accord.  I kept telling myself it wasn’t really that bad.  I would go on a business trip, call my friend back home bawling my eyes out.  Then I would get back home and tell myself it was ok.  It was awful.  I was being used as a personal schlepper and my technical skills and talents were being flushed down the toilet.  Fear kept me there.

As long as you can turn firing into a learning experience, it can be a benefit.  As you may have heard, many people comment that getting fired was the best thing that ever happened to them.  It changed their course, made them look at themselves and take inventory, and it helped them to grow.

3rd Reason – employees in this category know that this is not working and they choose to leave with the hopes of making it on their own.  Going out on your own is not for everyone but their are many, many flavors of going out on your own.

Fear usually keeps us where we are.  Fear of the unknown, even if we believe it will be so much better, is pretty dang powerful.  I know.  I have been there.  I can feel your pain, too.  For many of us having a job is tantamount to eating bugs.  We do it if we have to but it is very painful.

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