The road to success comes through hard work, determination and sacrifice?!


Are you allowing other people to determine your definition of success?  Everyone thinks that the world’s definition of success is the same as theirs.

Some want lots of money, others want world peace, and still others want a big, happy family farm.  Have you defined what success means to you?

This is very important so that others do not grab you and steal you away to their definition of success.  Maybe you are unhappy because you are going after money when money doesn’t motivate you.

How do you define success?  Write down what you want. What are your dreams and aspirations?  Think about what you think you want and then see what it feels like in your body.

If you think you want to make a million dollars but every time you think about it you feel a rock in the pit of your stomach, it is probably not a success goal for you.  Maybe you can make a lot of money if you are focused on what really drives you toward success and feeling good about what you are doing.

You also want to learn to be happy first and then place emphasis on what you want to turn up in your life.  Things will not make you happy and will not define your true success.

Success comes from within because you believe in yourself, love yourself, and want to help others.

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