Self-Growth Every Minute

Self-Growth Every Minute

Every situation, every moment provides the situation for self-growth.  

What are you doing to change for the better in your life?


In every moment that you feel stressed, angry, hurt, is it possible for you to accept that you feel those feelings?  Once you can accept those feelings, ask yourself this question – Now what needs to be done?

If you are feeling glad or sad you can always ask yourself – Now what needs to be done?

This provides you with self-confidence and the taking of action gives you more and provides you with feelings that overcome the feelings you don’t like and want to get rid of.

Do you wait until the negative feelings subside to take action?  Try asking yourself, Now what needs to be done and then do what comes up.  You won’t have to wait for anything to subside.  You will feel better upon taking action.

Try it!

Remember:  Feelings follow behaviors. Taking action will automatically shift your negative feelings into more positive ones.

Take action NOW by filling in your information to the right for your Free Consultation!  You will not be sorry you did!


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