Life is an echo. What you send out, comes back to you.

In Robert Cialdini”s book “Influence” he speaks about the weapons of mass influence.  What we used to call ”sales” has really become Influence and Persuasion.  How can I influence or persuade someone to buy from me?

If you are in sales, are self-employed, or even looking for your next career move, you must learn how to influence people to your way of thinking.

The first weapon that Cialdini speaks about is the Power of Reciprocity.  As you may have heard growing up, your get in life what you give.  Or, some may have heard, if you give others what they want, you will get what you want.

The Power of Reciprocity is giving something to someone.  They are likely to give you something in return.  We have been conditioned to give back.  If I have you over to dinner, you are likely to return the favor sometime in the near future and have me over.

In sales, we have learned that by giving free information, free food samples, a free ebook, we are likely to help people make the decision to buy.  That is the reciprocation.

For those of you who shop at the warehouse stores, Costco is the king of giving you free food samples.  What are you likely to do?  Buy that product, or many other products.  This has been a goldmine for grocers and warehouse stores a like.

How can you give something?  If you are online, you would be likely to give information, or maybe an ebook.

If you are looking for a job, what can you give to a future employer?  Negotiation for salary, benefits, or work schedule can all be part of reciprocation.

Stayed tuned!  I will be covering all of Cialdini”s weapons.

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