Purpose Purpose Purpose


Is this you?  Taken for a ride by family, co-workers, yet unable to get off or to save yourself?  And then when you do, you get right back up there with the same people, expecting different results? Yeah, you know what they call that!

One of the buzzwords of the day is “Purpose”.  Everyone wants to know what their purpose is.  Some people know but most feel the struggle of trying to figure out just what their purpose is.  Maybe those who are in the ‘know’ have done some things in their life that helped them to discover who they are and thus it is easier for them to find purpose.

Discovering your purpose also takes some work and study.  Do you want to know how to get off the hamster wheel? Some of the things you may want to learn about are: to determine who you are,

  • in which paradigm you are living
  • how to align yourself to reality
  • how to live in integrity
  • how to clarify your vision
  • then define your purpose
  • learn about your guiding principles that will get your there
  • and of course, learning to love yourself.

All of these things are your personal plan for success or also known as Self Mastery.

Without mastering yourself first, it is more difficult to master the world around you.  We try, we struggle, we spin.  We are like a boat without a rudder or a hamster on a wheel.




  • What if you could master yourself?  
  • What would that look like to you?  
  • What would it do for you?
  • Remove yourself from behind the bars!  
  • Learn how in an upcoming course I will be offering!  
  • Stay tuned!  

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