Pathway to Success Thru Self Mastery




Pathway to Success Thru Self Mastery


“We are more powerful than we have been lead to believe. Walk tall in your power and never give it to an outside source. True authority comes from within.” ― Renee Cefalu


We attain mastery in many things but sometimes forget that attaining self mastery leads one to greater success of all.

There are four paradigms thru which we choose to view our world.

The Fear Paradigm – we feel out of control.  We don’t like what is happening but we fear changing. This causes us to react to life, blame others or escape thru numbing ourselves. Life is a constant battle.

The Should Paradigm – we control our lives by doing what others expect of us thus making us feel good about ourselves. We give in to others views of what we should do, how we should act and avoid conflict. Life offers safety if everyone is doing it.

The Win Paradigm – we strive to control our lives by doing more and more – more awards, more trophies, more bonuses. We feel successful because others tell us we are winners. Life is good as long as others tell us so.

The Truth Paradigm – we are truly alive.  We enjoy ourselves and those around us because we unconditionally accept that which is. We have choices in life and we know how we respond will effect the outcome. We truly know and believe in ourselves – inside. We care about others.  Life is great!

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