Are you understanding that which I am not saying to you? That’s right.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a system that uses language to focus the subconscious mind toward success.

It has been called the language of success. It was created by modeling after 3 psychiatrists who were able to help their patients/clients with change and thus success.

NLP is used today in many ways to help people. These language skills have always been used but this was a change in focus to help others overcome challenges that they were unable to do before.

It is used in hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, advertising, coaching, speeches meant to illicit change, etc. Just like anything, it can be used for good and for bad.

In this video, Derren Brown uses NLP and stage-hypnotherapy.  As you can see he changes a man’s mind without any knowledge or input from him.  Be sure to watch the whole video as in the second half he reveals the words he used to convince the person what gift they wanted.

Once your eyes are opened, you can never go back.

Understanding NLP will help you see how others talk and even use it to manipulate.  Politicians come to mind.  If you watch politicians who give good speeches but kind of fall apart when speaking ad lib, that is because they have good NLP speech writers!

To learn more, or if you are just fascinated by the whole thing, sign up to the right. Leave your name and email for a free consultation. Get curious!  Watch how people around you talk.



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