Life’s Moments


If you woke up at 12:30 am, walked into your bathroom, and saw this – how would you respond?



We all have key moments in our lives.  We know that we can respond in a more adult way in some instances but freak out over others.  What is the key moment in your life where you could not pull it together?

Well the interesting thing about this is that this is what I saw at 12:30 this morning.  I am staying with some friends and they were asleep.  What’s a body to do?  Do I wake them up, do I close the door and put a rug under the door and go back to bed, or try to move this beast on my own?

I opted for #1.  I called my friends and when they answered I said, I have a snake in my toilet.  Well, that’ll get someone out of bed, won’t it.

Conquering key moments in your life is what makes the difference in your life.  If you run away, blame someone else, do nothing, or always make it someone else’s problem, you will not prosper.

What do I mean?  Taking responsibility is paramount to growing and learning from your mistakes, your failures, and even your successes.  If you stop and take a snapshot of what just happened then you can debrief yourself and learn from your mistakes.  Yes, we even make mistakes when we have success.

So what did I do?

First I took a picture.  Then I looked at the situation.  I did not have anything to grab the snake.  I am not an expert on snakes, i.e., did not know if the snake was dangerous (it’s better in my life if I consider all snakes dangerous!)

After that I realized I was out of my element and out of my options to take action by myself.

I woke up the owners of the house and said, “I have a snake in my toilet.”  That had a much better outcome than closing the door and going back to bed!  The snake might have been popping out of every drain and toilet in the house for the next month!

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