Leadership Best Practices

Leadership Best Practices

It’s a proud moment when you command attention by your actions!

Do you understand why you do what you do? Most understand the what and the how and they convey that well. This is a leadership best practice.

According to Sinek, all great companies portray to their consumers why they do what they do.  Everyone else conveys from the outside in – what we sell and how we make it.  Great companies lead from the heart, or the why, and that, in and of itself, is causing people to follow.  People want more, they can’t get enough.

In years gone by, the leadership teams were afraid to show emotion in the business world.  That was just plain not allowed.  I think they were afraid if they let it out they wouldn’t be able to stop.

In the 1980’s things began to change. Today, consumers expect companies to show some heart, not all bottom line.

Do you know your why?  Is it portrayed in your marketing materials?  Does your team know it?

We can help.

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