Job Burnout?




Are you experiencing Job Burnout?  Why do you work the same as everyone else but they seem to go merrily along and you are feeling like you liked to scratch someone’s eyes out?

Why do you go home everyday feeling like the world is coming to an end if you don't get out of the job you're in?

Usually companies hire you based on skill but will fire you (or you will quit) based on fit.  What does that mean?  It means that you are capable of the skill level required for the job.  You may not, however fit with the manager or the employer/company outlook.

We teach skill but we really don't teach people how to understand themselves and to see that we are not a fit for every situation out there.  Some need lots of people time and others like alone time best.  Some like to make snap decisions and move quickly from project to project.  Others like to muddle over decisions, never make a decision without group-think, and are happy staying with the same project for years!

Not one of those people are wrong about who they are.  BUT, they may be in the wrong job.  If you end up in a position where everyone works independently and you like to talk things over with others before coming to conclusions, can you see how that might cause you problems.

If you are not where it feels comfortable to you most of the time, then it may be time to move on.  You will suffer burnout, if not now then definitely later, because you must be someone you are not most days.  That is very stressful.

I know this because I spent twenty years in the wrong job.  I even had several different jobs that I was most definitely not a fit. I loved what I did but I was not a fit for management.  I used to tell people that I spent twenty years in the principal's office because I was always in trouble for speaking my mind.

It wasn't until I went into sales that I started to fit in by not fitting in!  I could be my unique quirky self without people wanting to fire me or tell me what a bad job I was.  I worked harder than everyone else and yet I got reprimanded regularly.

So what do you do if you are not a fit?  Try something new.  Be willing to take risks.  You will experience change whether you are in the right job or not.  The difference is that in one situation, you get to choose the direction you are heading.  In the other case, someone gets to choose for you.  Which way will you go?

If this sounds like where you are, I can help.  Sign up for the complementary Career Breakthrough Session.  No obligation.  We will see where you are and give you some options to move you forward.

Don't wait until you wake up every morning having had a nightmare about your boss the night before.

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