Stop making excuses and start making adjustments!

Do you give your sales reps training?  Are you fearful of taking them away from selling activities long enough for training?

Training always pays off, as long as it is quality and it gives them every opportunity to see how they can blend it in with what they already know.

I once worked for a company that gave us tons of sales training.  This method and that.  This style and that one.  These techniques and those applications.

What I learned from that experience is this: No matter how hard you try, you really cannot clone good sales people.  What makes them good is that they found what style works for them. Exposing them to different techniques allowed them to draw from what worked for them.

Yes guidelines are important, no mandatory, but each sales person is going to have to find their own style to make it work.

Men sell differently than women. Older people sell differently than younger. And if you give some leeway here for them to find their style. they will blossom and sell more.

If they don’t sell more you will be getting rid of them.  The idea is not to pigeon-hole anyone into there is only one way to sell.

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