I Am Not A Salesperson

If this something you tell yourself?  I bet you have heard that everyone needs to be a sales person.  You probably want to cower in the corner or shriek in the pain that accompanies your thoughts of being like the used car salesman you have either experienced or have seen in a movie.

The word “Sales” can be worse for some people than fear of heights or public speaking.  But…

You want to be an entrepreneur.  Or even if you want to get a new job, find a date/spouse, or even get the best seats at a concert – you may want to learn how to influence or persuade others!

Why do you think you feel this way about selling?  Usually it comes from not feeling good about yourself or being able to master yourself so you come from a place of confidence which attracts others to you.

I feel your fear.  I used to be you.  I was told for years when in the computer industry that I should go into sales.  Even the thought of it scared me to death!  I was however being criticized every day for being who I was.  I was good at what I was doing but as you might have heard me mention before, I spent 20 years in the principal’s office.  I was always in trouble for being outspoken.

What I learned later is that sales people were ‘allowed’ to have proclivities like I had.  Dang!

It wasn’t until 7 years later that I was hired to be a sales person.  I was applying for a customer rep position and the hiring manager said, “Nope, we need you in sales.  However, I will tell you that I was super successful because I loved, loved, loved what I was selling.  Did I mentioned that I loved the products?

I got up every morning excited to be talking to people around North America.  I asked people who bought from me why they bought from me.  I knew there were 5,000 competitor companies in my field.  Every stinking one of them told me they bought because of me.  They felt I was honest with them.  They felt I spent extra time with them helping them learn the details about what I was offering.

Don’t you dare tell my former bosses I was selling like that.  They would have been irate with me.  Their selling style was wham, bam, – you know the rest.   The reason they didn’t know is because I was at the top of the leader board every month, even beating out my boss who everyone knew was given the cherry picked leads.

Selling today is an ugly word.  No one wants to be like the used car salesman of yesteryear who slammed his hand down on the hood of a car and offered you the “Deal of the Century” and you knew he was trying to slither your wallet out of your pocket while being nice to your face.  No wonder we have a bad feeling about selling.

Selling really is just an exchange.  Someone has something you want and you have something they want.  But how to overcome your fear?

Do you want to become good at sales?  Become a master of yourself.  Love what you do.  Learn about yourself, what drives you, how you hold yourself back, and how you attract people to what you are offering.  Once you do that, you will never be selling.  You will be

Sound overwhelming?  You’ve tried this before?  Stay tuned…I am going to be offering a class for all those who want to do better, make more money, and sell!

In the meantime, sign up for a complementary Personal Breakthrough Session!  You will be happy you did!

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