Five Additional Steps to Improve Your Mindset Toward Success




Yesterday I gave you 5 Steps to Improve Your Mindset Toward Success.  To continue, here are five additional steps that will help you.

#6.  Optimize Your Environment – Many people are unaware of how their environment helps or hurts them in their journey toward success.  What do I mean by environment?  Environment entails many parts – where you live, who you hang out with, who you admire, what your home life looks like, how you handle money, what you do with your down time, what is your work site like, and so forth.

When starting to look at your environment, you may not be able to improve all things all at once.  Can you change your living situation, maybe not right now.  The idea is to have a goal and move toward it.  What do you think could help improve now?  What steps can you take to improve those things that you know hold you back?

For me, environment is a big influencer on how I do in life. I do best when living alone but have access to successful people.  What’s your optimum environment?

#7.  Be an Active Learner – Some people never pick up a book after they end their formal schooling.  I mentioned this in the last post.  Are you still learning?  In today’s world, you are way behind the minute you tell yourself or those around you that the way you have done something for years is good enough.  Things change so much every day in our lives today that learning is essential, not an option.

We also know so much more about the brain than we used to.  Our brains are ever changing and if you are not introducing new information then you are actually allowing your brain to die.

Obviously we want our new skills to help us in our job or our ability to make money.  However, sometimes it is good to read a novel, enjoy a movie, or take a class on a hobby you have or you want to have.

Just keep learning and growing.  The alternative is not so much fun!

#8.  Set Goals – The most successful people I know are goal setters.  When I say goal setters I think that is not quite right.  I think they are goal-livers.  They are always thinking or acting on their goals.  They don’t just set them.  They work on them daily.  They think about them all the time.  They achieve them daily.

Goals help you clarify what direction you are heading.  You do not want to be a rudderless ship heading out to the open waters.  You will be lost for forever and you may never get what you want or get to where you want to go.

To me goals are not dreams but they take on a certain quality of dreams.  They must be rooted in reality but they must also be outside of the norm.  If you want to get more, have more, be more, you must have goals that take you looking down the road.

#9.  Change your thinking about money – You may have learned as a child that money is the root of all evil.  That may be true but it does not mean that all people who achieve wealth or who strive to achieve wealth are evil.  If you hold the philosophy that money is evil or that rich people are evil then you will never have any and you must accept that.  Why would you be able to attract anything into your life that you abhor?  If you talk about rich people with disdain about what they have achieved, you will never be their neighbors.

The harsh reality is that likes attract and if you want wealth you must think and be like that which you want.  This is why it is important to surround yourself with people who make more than you, who are achievement oriented.  Learn from them, model them.  If you separate yourself by saying something like “that’s where all the rich people live”, think about saying I dream of living there!  Find a dream, make a plan, take action!

#10.  Take on Challenges – Obstacles in life are just like a fence in your path.  You can climb over it, crawl through it, crawl under it, take it apart, or even get on a horse and jump over it.  The last option is to turn around and go back.  Don’t do that.  Always keep pursuing.  Always persist. Don’t let the monkeys get you down!

Everyone has obstacles.  Yours may seem much worse because they are in front of you.  What happens if you look around?  You will see other people who have it worse.  It’s not about obstacles but rather about your attitude or mindset about obstacles.  If you let obstacles take you down, they will.  That’s a guarantee.  I always tell myself when I have a bad day “just pull yourself up by your bootstraps and move ahead.”  That is my mindset.  It took me awhile to achieve that.  I used to let the monkeys, the complainers, the quitters get in my face but no longer.  I allow myself a little time, like one day, and then I change my attitude and get going.

Don’t fear the new.  Look at a challenge as an opportunity to do better in life.  No matter what it is, it will take you ahead if you accept the challenge.


There are many things to look at about success and we have just scraped the surface.  I just want to point out some that are more glaring.  If you would like to learn more about yourself and how you can move forward, fill out the form on this page to sign up for your complementary Breakthrough Session.  You will learn so much as we breakthrough some of the things you have going on.

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