Connect with People

How to Connect with People

“People may hear your words, but they feel your attitude.”  John Maxwell

It’s is only in the last few years that companies began to realize that their people are their biggest asset. They are probably the biggest liability as well, especially if their leadership remains in the past.

Leadership of your people is not about being ‘the boss’. It is so much more.

People want to respect their leader but first their leader must respect them.

Leaders are tasked to drive the bottom line and it is difficult for most to forget that they cannot do that alone.

There’s really only one thing your people want from you, or maybe two but they are related.

They want to be respected and they want to be valued for their opinion (be heard).

No one ever said that their viewpoint needs to be taken. They want to be valued for having one.

If you can learn to give you employees a voice, they will follow you. That is what you want – a following.

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