Commitment & Consistency

Commitment & Consistency

“Once we’ve made a choice, we will encounter personal and interpersonal pressures to behave consistently with that commitment.”

In “Influence”, Cialdini has a unique take on why Commitment and Consistency play a role in Influence.  Once a person makes a decision to buy, they will do anything to justify their own decision, regardless of any information following. So you make a commitment to purchase and then you will seek, or only hear information that justifies your decision.  This is the power of your mind. People will see their own needs and solutions in their decision.

If a sales person calls you and asks how you are and you give a positive response, it is actually harder for you to become disagreeable with them when asked further questions.  It is your mind”s need to be consistent that causes this phenomenon.  Our brain strives for the consistency to the first commitment/statement.

This is, in a way, how goal setting works.  If you write down your goals, your brain again wants to remain consistent to the commitment made.  Keep doing it!

These techniques have not only been used in sales but in brainwashing prisoners of war.  Learning how to use techniques in your personal life, as well as business, can help you.

We all want to be consistent so learning how to help your prospects with their own consistency can help grow your business.

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