Change Your Mindset, Change the Game





Change Your Mindset, Change the Game

“You may only succeed if you desire succeeding; you may only fail if you do not mind failing.” Philippos


There is no reality except what you create.

You have the most powerful tool ever in your toolbox. It is unknown to most of us.

Are you using it? Do you even know that you have it?

It’s your mind.

Whatever you put into your mind reaps the rewards of that information. If it is bad it will reap bad results.

It’s a funny thing – we think we are in control but actually our subconscious is in control.

Our subconscious is responsible for keeping you sane (well most of the time!) so it deletes, distorts, and generalizes most information it receives.

What does that mean? Suppose you buy a white car. You don’t know anyone that has a white car so you think there are few white cars in the world.

The first time you go to the mall you are amazed at the number of white cars in the parking lot and you have trouble locating your white car.

Your brain had actually deleted most of the white cars from your search previously because you weren’t looking for white.

No, all those people did not upgrade to a white car the same time you did!

What does this mean for your future?

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