Are You a Master – An Individual?

“He who conquers himself is the mightiest warrior” – Confucius


“Some people never become who they are; they stop trusting in themselves; they conform to the tastes of others, and they end up wearing a mask that hides their true nature.  If you allow yourself to learn who you really are by paying attention to that voice and force within you, then you can become what you were fated to become — an individual, a Master.”  Mastery by Robert Greene

If you were lucky enough to attend public school or catholic school in the US than you probably have struggled with being an individual.  They did almost everything they could to break your individualism, to wrest it from your very soul.  Individuals have problems in schools, in work settings, and in society in general.  The masses abhor an individual.

So if you feel the need to break out, to run away, to be unique then you are probably a struggling-to-find-yourself-individual.  Some people are willing to give it all up because being an individual takes work.  It takes commitment, persistence, and ongoing criticism from others.

Do you want to be a master of yourself?  Self Mastery is about learning how to control your thoughts, emotions and actions to deliver your best life.  If you are thinking about what happened last year, it can be a detriment to achieving something today.  I you are crying over your last relationship for too long it will affect who you can meet today.  If you take action on things that will not move you forward, it will not help you with what you want to achieve.

Are you willing to move forward, to learn more about how you can help yourself be more, do more and have more?  

Stay tuned!  I am about to deliver an online course to help you on your journey to Self Mastery!

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