Am I Working at the Wrong Place?

Am I Working at the Wrong Place?

“If you set your goals ridiculously high and it’s a failure, you will fail above everyone else’s success.” James Cameron

At one point, you loved your job. Maybe it was the newness or maybe the people.

But today? Yuck. Hard to get up. Hard to motivate yourself.

What can you do? It’s time to move on.

Success comes with change. No one is successful by staying too long in the same place.

Change is the biggest indicator of long-term success. You must risk. You must take chances.

You have stayed because the money is good, maybe even better than you thought you could ever have.

Work is crazy enough without being in a position that you are frustrated with.

To have success you must be willing to set a BIG Goal. I’m not talking about SMART goals that you probably have learned how to set.

A BIG Goal is one that is bigger than you can imagine. It includes everything. It must be written down in great detail.

Your BIG Goal must challenge all of your senses and must not be completed with ‘steps’ that you already know.

You must allow it to happen mostly on it’s own. Ugh, that’s hard because you think you need to be in control.

You are only in control in so much as setting the things you want to happen.

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