Are You Having a Great Day at Work?

I would imagine if you are a corporate cubicle jockey, it might be a good day, but odds are usually against that.  Is work sane today, or perhaps insane today?  Are you hiding from your __________ (Pick one – creepy, bombastic, crazy, insane, nice, ludicrous, insulting, slave driver, split-personality) boss?  Do you visualize turning in your notice on a daily basis?

You see yourself typing that letter and using EVERY term you have ever referred to your boss in it.  You see yourself walking (maybe storming) out the door and you may have secretly already removed most of your belongings.  Yep, you are ready.  But, but, but, why are you still there?  Oh, the money is good.  It’s really not THAT bad. What’s out there might be scarier/worse/more insane.  It’s sometimes hard to get moving. I feel your pain.  I once got fired and I stood up and reached out my hand and said “Thank you so much!  I couldn’t seem to get out of this $%#*& place on my own. Want help getting out of your bad situation?  Fill out the form!  We can help!  Maybe we will help you even walk out with your head held high!

If you are self-employed, things might be a bit better.  Or not.  Probably not.  As an entrepreneur or solopreneur you definitely have a crazy person for a boss!  Yes, that’s right.  You work for yourself and you must be crazy to do what you do.  If you are an entrepreneur, you may be inconsistent and that inconsistency drives you crazy.  Customers, clients, or patients could be your ticket to income but they may also be the bane of your existence.  The days of the customer is always right must be in the past.  Have you had to fire a client?  Sometimes that can be the best thing to do.  Do you have employees/thieves/children-in-adult-bodies/insane crazies/prima donnas working for you?  Is everyday a new experience with your employees because you don’t know which one of their personalities will show up?  We can help!

You know what I mean?  Yes, I thought so.  Work is more insane than sane – unless you have someone to be your sounding board, your own personal C-suite of advisors to guide you to a better today and a better tomorrow.  Yes, you can have your own advisory board.

WorkInSanity.com was created with you in mind.  If you can’t laugh at yourself, there may be no hope.  We must have fun with the whole work concept.  We love hearing your stories and tales of woe!