What would you do if you won $700M, estimated take home lump sum after taxes $336M?  Would you buy a new home, a new car, or maybe 3 new cars?  I’m sure each of us has many ideas.

I must say I feel sorry for the woman who won.  She is already in deep trouble because she did not protect herself.  She wants to be magnanimous because she herself has been on welfare.  The town she lives in is quite concerned because there are already people and news media camped out on her front doorstep.

I say she is in deep trouble because the one thing you do not want to do is let the world know you have that kind of money.  You will find relatives (better do a DNA test) you didn’t know you had coming out of the woodwork.

Money has many lessons that come with it.  Many people who have not had money will be enticed by the glamour they think they will get.  Instead what will happen is in under 10 years she will be bankrupt.  Statistics will show that a large percentage of winners lose their shirt. And they often end up worse than they were before.

People have a money level that unless you work on it you will remain at that level.  What happens when you go over that level?  You will suddenly have unforetold expenses that equal that amount.  Is that a coincidence?  No.  Money is like water.  It seeks its own level.

How do we get our money ‘level’?  We usually get it as children.  Do you remember hearing “money doesn’t grow on trees”, or “what do you think I’m made of money”, or maybe you were taught to despise rich people.  Maybe your parents called ‘rich people’ the man or some other term that vilified them.  If you despise people who have money, you will never have money.  Your brain will not allow something into your life that you despise.  It is self preservation, your brain thinks it is protecting you.

How can you correct your money DNA?  It is an inner game.  It means working on your mindset.  It takes working on your subconscious where this misinformation lies.  A good book is “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind”, by Harv Eker.  He book helps you learn to become a money magnet, attracting and keeping money in your life.

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