5 Steps to Improve Your Mindset Toward Success


I bet you hear about Success every day - how to have more, how to be better at getting it, how to get rich quickly, and on and on.  I have been studying people for the last 40 years.  I have an undergraduate degree in Sociology/HR and used that information to help people in the technology field. (Yes, I did!)

For the last twenty years I have studied how people act and react.  I studied behavioral assessments and how they show us who we are and how we show up in the world.  I also studied how people change. How do we become better at what we want to become better?  We study, we work on it. We watch others and how they do things.

Through my studies, in classroom, books, and in my own research, here is what I have found.

#1.  Learn How To Rebuff the Status Quo  I know this may sound weird but people who get ahead have a bit of negativity about them.  They don't like the status quo.  They want to change things.  Now this is to say they are not negative people.  They don't bellyache about others and how awful things are.  They do not, however, like the phrase - That's just the way it is!

"How can I change/adapt/grow?" are questions they ask themselves when presented with obstacles in their lives.  They don't say, you did this to me, it's his fault my life sucks, or I don't like that.

#2.  Change How You Talk to Yourself and Others.  Successful people watch how they talk.  The things you say affect you as much as the people to whom you are talking.   It's the difference of saying 'I can't' as opposed to 'well, I haven't as yet tried that but I am willing.'  As many have stated before me, if you say you can't you are probably correct.  You tell yourself and your subconscious mind believes you.  If you say, 'I haven't yet tried that' it gives your mind the future option of moving forward to do it.  With some coaching/learning/practicing you can change your language and you will be surprised how it can affect your life.  We use a term "reframe" when someone says something that can affect their subconscious mind. If you say, 'I don't know how to build a house', you could change that to even say 'I don't know how to build a house yet' and it will change your mindset to one of future success instead of roadblocks.

#3.  Hang Out With Successful People.  Successful people have a mindset of success because they hang out with like-minded people.  Jim Rohn, a great motivational speaker, said that your wealth will be determined by your five closest friends.  Why is that?  Because if you hang out with people who are looking for their next high, where to get body art or drowning your sorrows in TV, you will be doing the same.  If you hang out with creative thinkers, readers, or people looking to invent something, then it is probable that you will be challenged to do the same.  Successful people focus on possibilities and struggling people focus on the obstacles.

#4.  Read.  Readers are light years ahead of non-readers.  It is so easy today to not read as there are so many options.. Computer games, Facebook, Twitter, TV and host of other things are time and energy drains.  People who read fiction are mentally taken away and allowed to use their creative mind to imagine what the author is describing.  Readers of non-fiction are learning new things that will help them to get ahead.  Chances are if you haven't opened a book since high school or college, you will remain exactly where you left off.  Your mind is a muscle and it needs exercise.

#5.  Love Change.  Change is your friend, not your enemy.  Change happens to you every day.  You slough off skin cells.  You grow, or shrink depending on your age.  Some changes, like the two I mentioned, you have little control over.  Other change, like your status in life, your hair color, or even your location, is a change you can have control over.  You can decide you don't like where you are and you can make a plan to move.  If you don't like your hair color you can dye it.  I bring this up because successful people understand that if they don't like their job, they can find a new one. They don't buy into the 'I'm stuck here' mentality.  You may not want to change some things and that's fine.  The idea here is to understand that if you don't take a stand for what you want, things will happen around you and to you that you may not like.  If you love change instead of fearing it, you will be happier because you have had some input to those changes and which direction you head.  It does not mean that you can control all change.  You may get laid off from a job.  If you have a success mindset, you will spend a day, or maybe 5, in which you will wallow in grief or sadness but then you will rise to the occasion and accept what role you can play in your future.

Life is but a game.  Be a good sport but keep your mindset focused on possibilities of your role in the changes.  As you can see, we all suffer obstacles, crummy events, icky people and family issues.  The real difference is in how you approach moving forward or staying where you are and accepting the crap you have been dealt. That's mindset.

Stayed tuned for 5 more steps in the next blog!

Change your mindset and you will be able to handle anything that comes your way!

Winning Your Inner Mind Game is a Key To Success!

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